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Hi… I’m Marcel

Expertise in Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising, P/R Communications, Telemarketing, Internet e-commerce, Print Media, T.V. and Radio and Social Media statistical analysis. I have a successful history of working in the Healthcare, Construction, Engineering and Music Industries.

About Me

I have an extensive communications background, including managing communications departments, and working with print, TV, radio, and web media. My responsibilities have included budgeting and communications development processes, and creating policies and procedures.  I have planned, negotiated and purchased media buys, copy written content, and managed internet advertising.

I have written and  produced TV and Radio commercials and jingles, managed and developed website experiences and content,  and developed mobile Apps and short informational videos used on both Youtube and Vimeo. I also manage Facebook and Tweeter accounts and advertising content.

Strong arts and design professional, creator of original music, and experience in music publishing and soundtrack development and website design.



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